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DP stands for the Divine Principle -the teachings of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Exposition of the Divine Principle is the official published teaching in book form.

DP-Outreach videos and products share the DP teachings with visual images, additional Bible scriptures and examples.*

Some Key Unification Concepts
providential history Merit of the Age making a foundation object partner central figure

Providential History

Human history isn't random.
God guides good events to undo ancestral sins and to one day usher in the original ideal world.

Merit of the Age

God imparts higher expressions of his eternal truth over time which brings a closer and more intimate status upon human beings.

Making a Foundation

God imparts blessings to us (e.g. sending the Messiah) when we have prepared our heart, mind and actions to receive them.

Object Partner

This is a good phrase for a person. God lives for the sake of his beloved object with whom he can share love and receive joy.

Central Figure

God calls righteous people to improve the lives of others.
They assist God's Will.
(Genesis 12:1)

* DP-Outreach creator M. Callahan earned his Masters degree at the Unification Theological Seminary (Magna Cum Laude, 2004).He then worked with the American FFWPU as a DP PowerPoint specialist (2004-2008). Afterwards, M. Callahan began vimeo.com/unification and taught the DP at Cheong Pyeong's Heaven and Earth Training Center (2009-20012). Recently, he has worked with FFWPU in Korea to make these DP-Outreach videos into Russian (2014).


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