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is Divine Principle -the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

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DP-Outreach videos are now available in two languages: English and Russian.
Click on the video button.  You will find the menu for all videos on the bottom of the video webpages.

Explore your DP IQ
with true and false questions on the Quiz page. 

Russian DP-Outreach PowerPoints
will be available for purchase in December.

print out a Word Search puzzle
with DP concepts


What's your outreach approach?

Videos vs. PPT

Know their strengths and weaknesses
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for DP-Outreach
comparison Illustrated DP (2007)
 DP-Outreach (2013)

a Comparison
When does outreach end and in-reach begin?

Teaching the Second Generation of Unificationists
DP video of the month DP-Outreach Video
of the Month

to Divine Principle
(part 2)

(December 2014)


Personal Testimony:

Does a loving God
create an eternal Hell
of punishment?

creating images Creating
DP-Outreach images

* DP-Outreach creator M. Callahan earned his Masters degree at the Unification Theological Seminary (Magna Cum Laude, 2004).He then worked with the American FFWPU as a DP PowerPoint specialist (2004-2008). Afterwards, M. Callahan began vimeo.com/unification and taught the DP at Cheong Pyeong's Heaven and Earth Training Center (2009-20012). Recently, he has worked with FFWPU in Korea to make these DP-Outreach videos into Russian (2014).

Copyright © 2009-2014  Michael Callahan.  All rights reserved