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Discover inner peace and divine purpose for your life with Divine Principle videos.  Watch a video daily and feel your spirit awaken. DP is Divine Principle — the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon


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What's New?

DP-Outreach has received a blessing
through Robin Tsubota .

Robin is a Unificationist living in Japan.
She is an English teacher and proofreader.

She is going through each video prayerfully to recognize and correct
many of the typos, grammar and word choices
while keeping faithful to Exposition of the Divine Principle text.

This also provides a wonderful opportunity
to update some animation and insert new pictures.

we have redone the videos in the Introduction Chapter and Chapter 1 in Part 1.
Work has begun in Chapter 2.

You'll be able to recognize
the revised version
which now displays both a YouTube and a Facebook logo at the end of the video.

What's your outreach approach?

Videos vs. PPT

Know their strengths and weaknesses
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a crossword puzzle
based on Chapter 1,
section 1


When does outreach end and in-reach begin?

Teaching the Second Generation of Unificationists
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 DP-Outreach (2013)

a Comparison
Video 110

Video production continues on Part 2, Chapter 5.


* DP-Outreach creator M. Callahan earned his Masters degree at the Unification Theological Seminary (Magna Cum Laude, 2004).He then worked with the American FFWPU as a DP PowerPoint specialist (2004-2008). Afterwards, M. Callahan began vimeo.com/unification and taught the DP at Cheong Pyeong's Heaven and Earth Training Center (2009-2012).

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