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When more questions come to me by viewers on this site, I will respond here when I think those questions are needed by others.


How do you determine the prices for DP-Outreach PowerPoints?
$20 per section. Since Chapter 1 has six sections, the price is $120 (plus first-class shipping and sales tax). Chapter 4 has only two very long sections so it will be $40 eventhough it will have more slides than several other chapters with more sections.

Can I purchase a section only instead of a Chapter?
No. Only chapter discs or a case (group of chapters).

Can I download a purchased PowerPoint Chapter instead of the disc?
No. Since a disc is the only means, a tablet or smart phone cannot use the DP-Outreach PowerPoints.

Can I download the Videos since they are online and free to watch anyways?
No. The Vimeo site is where I upload the files and this allows me to have control over how they are used. If downloaded, people might edit them and create something very different than my intentions. At Vimeo, I pay a fee for high definition viewing. Vimeo allows me to easily update them and all the links with other sites are instantly updated as well (e.g. my videos page here). Some people can try to record their monitor screen while the video is playing but it will be an inferior copy.

Can I buy the DP-Outreach Videos?
No. They have copyright music. To sell these with the music in them would be illegal.

Can the PowerPoints and Videos be made in different languages?
I charge $100 for a video to be created into a different language (I give you the transcript and you give me the translation). This may take several days since pictures often times need to be adjusted to fit with the new size of text. The translated video will be posted on Vimeo. When a whole chapter of such videos have been created, then I will make it into a PowerPoint disc for purchase on this website (same price as the English version).

Will you continue to make Part 2 videos and PowerPoints?

Yes but at a slow pace since the revision of older ones in Part 1 are a priority.

When will the next PowerPoint Chapters be ready?
When Chapters 4-7 are finished, they can be purchased separately or as Case 2. The videos will be upgraded first in these four chapters over the next two months and these revised videos (with the latest images) will then become the data to make the PowerPoint discs for purchase.

For the sake of God's Providence, why can't I just illegally copy your PowerPoints for my witnessing if I don't have the money? I think God won't mind.
Stealing is wrong. Theft is sin. In this digital age, many artists are suffering with stolen digital property. The human heart and conscience must rise up to the same advancing level as technology.

If these DP-PowerPoints are illegally copied, I believe the satans can make a claim on your actions. There absolutely cannot be any good long-term results (fruits) from such actions.

Serving the whole purpose (providence) is compromised if the individual purpose (my income for my family) is ignored. Your payments will keep me inspired to keep going forward in this way to serve the Providence. It has taken already four years of full-time labor to create these free videos online without any source of income in that time period. My wife has been like a good "Mrs. Noah" following a crazy man (me) with my spiritual pursuits. Now hopefully, I can serve both the providence and my family's financial needs but I need your honesty, sincerity and respect.

I have a mac computer. Can I still use your DP-Outreach PowerPoints?No. The files are 'read-only' and can't be modified. Thus, these encrypted files cannot be opened on mac computers. Sorry but there is nothing I can do about this.

Can I buy the Intro disc by itself? I don't want to purchase Case 1.
No. Intro was never intended to be sold by itself nor be created into video. It was always intended as part of Case 1 which has four disc slots in it. Intro was created to fill that slot and create excitement for Case 1.

Why are the poster and puzzle sizes different eventhough the picture design is basically the same?
Different companies are used to manufacture each and they have their own prerequisite sizes with which they work with.

Can I purchase a poster or puzzle in a different language?
It is possible. Please send me the english and translated information and I will try to fit the words into the fixed design. If I cannot do this, then it will not be possible.


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