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DP-Outreach PowerPoints: Two Versions

The Overview version builds the core underlying 'superstructure' from which the DP vision can take form. Viewers will receive the spiritual atmosphere of the DP: how it uses reasoning to articulate a systematic and logical inquiry. Overview creates interest and desire to learn more. The first three Chapters of DP are included on one disc.

The In-depth version covers all of the ideas in each chapter. Mirroring the DP, it addresses topics that are usually the domain of other chapters (e.g. chapter 1 explains the fall of Adam and Eve at the top of the growth stage). Because the content is so extensive, each chapter is a separate disc. Each chapter has more than 10x the content of its Overview counterpart (see right panel).

The In-depth version can be purchased as a package which includes another in-depth disc. This fourth disc, called 'Intro' is based on the first introductory chapter of Exposition. Many new images, never seen before, make up this presentation. It is not available in video format.

overview disc
DP-Outreach PowerPoints are read-only files; the files cannot be edited. Mac users cannot open these presentations! This is beyond my power to control.  

Special Features on the DP-Outreach PowerPoint Discs

slide count comparison
DP Text. These presentations are faithful to the Divine Principle message. It works very closely the spirit and systematic logic of the book version because the basic premise here is faith in the revelation and heritage of the message. The DP text is the subject partner and any elaboration is secondary, supportive and object partner. Some long text from the book version has been broken up into smaller sentences to articulate each specific idea and concept.

Displaying the text helps many receive the message with greater clarity than merely hearing a speaker's words alone. Moreover, the sentences stand alone. This gives added weight and meaning to each of them.

Elaboration. People come into these lectures with many already-formed opinions. This may cause them to get them 'stuck' and their minds shut down, refusing to accept more due to their fixed preconceptions.

To address some of these 'stuck points' held by both secular humanists and Christians, DP-Outreach PowerPoints take on key issues like the name 'Lucifer' used in the Bible (which many Christians reject) or explaining the term 'dispensation' which suddenly appears in Exposition.

DP-Outreach PowerPoints addresses some of these hot issues that could become an obstacle to receiving the Divine Principle which is God's new expression of truth in our time.

In the slide example to the right, the mistaken Christian belief that God cursed Adam is rejected (it was Satan, not God).

sample slide

Transcripts. All of the words and sentences on each slide are recorded in a word document. When printed out, these are a great resource for the presenter (see image to the right).

The forward button (black triangle) indicates the mouse-click action.
Because some words are timed to appear a few seconds later, the presenter will know to wait until all the words have appeared.

The transcripts include an empty colum to the right (not shown here)
where the speaker can record additional points, ideas or examples.

Translation Script. In the transcript document just mentioned, there is an extra colum to the right, which can be used to type in a language translation. When the English words appear on the screen, the Spanish, French or Japanese sentences can be read from the print out.

Introduction Slide. Key concepts are introduced in the beginning (see third image to the right). This helps adjust the viewer's expectations. They will understand the direction and pursuit of the show better.

Key Words Hyperlinked. The introduction slide also links you immediately to each subtopic.

Conclusion Slide reminds people what was discussed and why. The presenter's task on the conclusion slide is to present an action plan: "What do we do with this information? How does it affect our lives? What should the next step be?"

Individual Window. The slide show appears as an individual window on your computer. This allows you to switch readily to any other opened program. You can even minimize the window while still in presentation mode. Right click on the screen for a pop-up menu and then select full screen view (the traditional view) if you want.

introduction slide

Which is better for my outreach: Video or PowerPoint?

Very similiar words and images appear on both yet one of them is free. Why pay money to buy DP-Outreach PowerPoints? The two are not in competition. Each has its strengths and limitations. To find out more, click here.

Creating an Effective PowerPoint Event

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