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Working with FFWPU HQ in Korea


He was the Korean national leader for Moldova in 2013. "I have a very good news about your holy work," writes Mr. Yoon. "I have suggested International Missionaries HQ that your work should be taken as public project of internatinal HQ concerning of translation from English to the major other languages..."

"We have reviewed your site and your work through Vimeo and Youtube." writes Mr. Kunduk Koh from FFWPU HQ the following month. "We are quite impressed with the amount of effort, care and devotion that was obviously invested in the creation of these products."

Russian was the decided language for the project and details were worked out about financing and ownership rights.

Then it was time to create the translation files for each video (which gave me an opportunity to improve both images and animation in both the English and Russian equivalents) and these were then sent to Russia.

Dmitry Melnikov and his team worked very hard translating hundreds of pages over several months. Videos began appearing online in January 2014 and was completed in May 2014. Altogether, 89 videos, comprising the Introduction and Part 1 of the Divine Principle were produced in Russian.

The Russian DP-Outreach videos were uploaded to vimeo.com/unificationrussian

These videos can then be shared on Russian-speaking Unificationist websites. Because they are connected to the vimeo site, all videos will display the most-updated version of the video.

DP-Outreach has recently added the Russian DP videos on this website as well.  You can access them via the video page.  Scroll to the menus on the bottom.

Three selected videos from the vimeo site were shared here on this page.




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