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Working with FFWPU HQ in Korea


Russian Outreach

FFWPU sponsored the translation of DP-Outreach videos into Russian in 2013.

Dmitry Melnikov and his team worked very hard translating hundreds of pages over several months. Videos began appearing online in January 2014. The project was completed in May 2014. 89 videos, comprising the Introduction and Part 1 of the Divine Principle were produced in Russian.

The Russian DP-Outreach videos were uploaded to vimeo.com/unificationrussian

Cheong Pyeong Training Center

DP-Outreach powerpoints have been used by the International group for several years.

Mongolia & Korea

Continental Director for Central Asia, Rev. Chanwook Yoon, has worked with DP-Outreach.com to create both a Mongolian and Korean version of the DP-Outreach videos. These efforts are still being created at this time.

The Korean versions can be found at:





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