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DP-Outreach and Illustrated DP: A Comparison


The Illustrated Divine Principle was created by FFWPU-USA between 2004-2008.  At the time, it was the most comprehensive and fullest treatment of the DP book.  It has been used extensively throughout the world and translated into other languages. 

I was the PowerPoint specialist assigned to create the Illustrated DP under Rev. Phillip Schanker.  Chapter 1 never had the same depth as later chapters.  This regret inspired me to create what came to be the DP-Outreach PowerPoint. 


illustrated DP info

The Illustrated DP barely scratches the surface of DP's content.  It has only 9 slides (section 2).

By comparison, Outreach has 81 slides for section 2.  That is 9X more content!  The extra is not merely pictures or examples but real additional DP sentences.

Some may prefer a simplistic introductory level instead of the full coverage.  DP-Outreach does that too with its overview version.  It uses the same artwork.

The slide images here are seen as they appear on a slide and not in their animated presentations.


DP-outreach info

Illustrated DP was made with an earlier version of PowerPoint (2003) so it lacks the sophistication of newer animation techniques.

DP-Outreach PowerPoints have larger lettering for easier viewing on a projected screen.

DP-Outreach includes twice as many Bible scriptures. 

Whereas Illustrated uses hundreds of images in Part 1, DP-Outreach uses thousands.

Only a few sample slides are shown here.



DP-Outreach has more slides than Illustrated DP in all chapters of part 1. 

The amount of DP sentences used on DP-Outreach slides are similar to Illustrated. 

Thus, more information and a more solid understanding is found in DP-Outreach PowerPoints.



adam & eve slide samples

DP-Outreach aligns itself much closer to the DP book's approach by including Adam & Eve in Chapter 1.

Four sample slides are shown here with their DP sentences found in Chapter 1.

Several of the images of Eve's breasts have been blurred to some degree.

Illustrated DP did not mention Adam & Eve until Chapter 2.  It was supposed that the Adam and Eve story was too controversial and thus, needlessly complicated the message of God's ideal.


comparison of Jesus in the two powerpoints
Finally, DP-Outreach has created many of its own images instead of relying on traditional paintings.  The new images are more life-like.

The exception to this rule are Adam & Eve which, because of upper nudity, must come from paintings in order to be accepted in public spaces.  

Here are some of the comparitive changes of Jesus.





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