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mission of the new truth

A Five-Year Endeavor is Fulfilled

Eighty-nine DP-Outreach videos are now in their final form after many revisions. This completes Part 1. In the beginning, I thought it would be a six month endeavor (I had no idea what I was getting into). The standard of acceptable got higher and higher as I learned new ways to craft the message.

The intent was two-fold... a whole purpose intent and an indiviudal purpose that supported each other. Free viewing of the DP-Outreach videos was my offering to serve the 'whole purpose.' I also needed a source of income to provide for my family. The PowerPoint version was one of the ways to accomplish this. Soon, Case 2 (Chapters 4-7) will be available alongside Case 1 (Intro, Chapters 1-3).

Its been said that the best work one creates is that which pleases the self. This may sound selfish but I actually wanted others to have the same joy I also felt.

Presently, I am working with both Korean HQ and Russia to create the same DP-Outreach videos in Russian. These can be viewed at www.vimeo.com/unificationrussian

When I have time, I will go forward with Part 2 but this will be a leisure-endeavor without the same quest for urgency since I am a firm believer in the powerful message found in Part 1.

Sharing the New Truth

When introducing our beliefs to others, they usually ask "What do you believe?" Our answer has sometimes focused on our differences: "Jesus didn't come to die " or "Reverend Moon is the new Messiah!"

These proclamations no doubt, are meant to engage others and make us feel empowered and not ashamed. But these responses can create tension and barriers because there is no common base.

If we focus on the 'mission' of the new truth however, we can create an engaging common base. The DP's mission is an action plan; it is how we will transform the world into a better place.

The DP's mission (see side panel on this page) is about ideals that all people want and can support. It creates a shared vision between us and others.


logical religion
Unlike science, religious ideas about God, heaven, angels and Adam are hard or impossible to discover and analyze. We can't prove they exist. Nonetheless, DP offers a logical and reasonable approach to support belief.

spirit and truth
Outreach needs spirit and truth. A logical idea needs something more before it becomes a personal belief called truth. Usually, we need the presence of God to help convict our soul that this idea is truth.

The Approach in creating DP-Outreach Videos

Exposition of the Divine Principle is the most important book that transformed my life.

As a teenager, I was a reborn Catholic (leaning towards fundamentalism) with many unanswered questions. Learning the Divine Principle provided the answers to the questions I was asking.

In creating these videos, I wanted the DP text to be the center: the core or bone. The images were like flesh wrapped around it. Creating images for 'heaven' or 'purpose of creation' did not come easy and it changed according to context. I also had to accept the fact that a lot of work would be required to give visual life to just one statement!

Coming from a Christian background, it was second nature to me to add additional scripture from the Bible.

Some of the DP sentences have many ideas in long sentences. I shortened many of these into two or three sentences and this gave greater focus and attention to those ideas.

I appreciate the designed pauses between sentences in the videos and powerpoints. This is a different experience than reading the book version where a new sentence and its idea immediately follows and replaces the former. In creating these powerpoint slides, I felt many times how powerful DP sentences could be: a core insight into how reality works. These designed pauses between sentences can allow us to contemplate deeper and awaken the conscience to a new reality.

To experience rebirth and transformation, we need something more than just the truth: we need God's spirit. These videos were created with the hope that viewers can also be open to the Spirit of God. This divine presence can change our awareness of what is real and true. Through both the Spirit and truth, we begin to walk in a new direction with conviction and transformation. The Spirit is an outside presence that impacts us with an intuitive heart-felt sense of knowing.

Scientific knowledge does not require this type of knowing. Religion does. Science deals with facts and laws. Religion deals with truth. Truth is a set of beliefs felt to be true through the conscience.


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