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Online Videos and PowerPoint Presentations have different Strengths

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Video is the most-popular form nowadays to transmit ideas. If there is a speaker in the video, she must convey feeling so the viewer can receive emotional stimulation.

The online DP-Outreach videos use music and beautiful images instead of narration to evoke an emotional response. There is no speaker's voice because these videos are intended to engage an 'inner dialogue' between the viewer and the Word without the 'filter' of someone's personality.

Videos for evangelism and witnessing can be watched in the privacy and convenience of one's own 'turf'. Videos are non-threatening because the viewer is in his or her comfort zone.

Almost everyone will give a video 'a try' but they can be quickly turned off if the stimulation doesn't grab them constantly. People can be impatient towards an impersonal video presentation.

As a first impression, videos are a great first step but it is not enough to move someone to join a church or movement. Videos rarely move people towards a spiritual transformation.

Through DP-Outreach videos, the viewer's interaction is with Truth but not Love.



In a formal setting, invited guests follow a structured timed event in a certain location. Guests take these gathering much more seriously than watching videos at home.

Because the guests has invested more time and higher expectations to attend a powerpoint presentation, they are actually more prepared to receive abundant spiritual energy. They have moved outside of their comfort zone, hoping to receive more from their investment of attendance.

The guests feel part of something bigger: a community of ideals, enthusiasm, activisim and most of all, love where they can experience value and belonging.

PowerPoint has a presenter (facilitator). The presenter doesn't have to be a charismatic lecturer (such people may even compete with the presentation's actual content for the people's support!).

Anyone can be an effective presenter who makes sure...

1.) the event moves forward in a timely manner and
2.) validates the concerns from the guests throughout. A facilitator's nod in understanding of guest's concerns is very effective since people want to be heard and understand even if their views are different.

Thus, a PowerPoint presentation is interaction with others as well as the Truth. There is both Truth and Love (the Spirit of God) in the mix.

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