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01. Causal Reality

02. Yang and Yin

03. Internal and External

04. God's Characteristics

05. Image and Symbols

06. Universal Prime Energy

07. Circular Motion

08. Common Base

09.  Origin-Division-Union

10. Three Object Purpose

11. Four Position Foundation

12. Existence as Orbits

13. Circuit of Heart

14. Adam and Eve

15. Two Kinds of Multiplication

16. How are Human Beings
in the Image of God?

17. God's Greatest Joy:
the Three Great Blessings

18. Spin and Orbit:
the Individual and Whole Purposes

19. Two Kinds of Object Partners

20. Three Great Blessings

21. True Parents of Humankind

22. The True Value of All Things

23. The Original Value of Human Beings

24. Beauty, Love, and Righteousness

25. The Six Days of Creation

25. The Six "Days" of Creation (Long Version)

26. Adam and Eve: Not Created Perfect

27. Two Realms: Growth and Perfection

28. Rulers, Mediators, and Microcosms

29. Adam and Jesus

30. The Spirit Self and the Physical Self

31. Spiritual Energies and the Spirit Self

32. Becoming a Divine Spirit

33. The Original Mind
and the Conscience


Part 1

The Principle of Creation
The Human Fall
Eschatology & Human History
The Messiah: First Advent

Part 2

1  Foundation for Restoration
2  Moses & Jesus
History: Periods & Lengths
4  Israel & Christianity Parallels
Second Advent Preparations
The Messiah: Second Advent


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