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34. The Forbidden Fruit

35. The Tree of Life

36. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil

37. The Original Sin

38. The Evil Blood Lineage

39. The Motivations of the Human Fall

40. Two Kinds of Forces

41. Satanic Power

42. Relative & Absolute Goodness

43. Four Kinds of Sin

44. Four Characteristics of the Fallen Nature

45. Envy & Jealousy

46. True Freedom

47. Why God did not Intervene in the Fall


Part 1

The Principle of Creation
The Human Fall
Eschatology & Human History
The Messiah: First Advent

Part 2

1  Foundation for Restoration
2  Moses & Jesus
History: Periods & Lengths
4  Israel & Christianity Parallels
Second Advent Preparations
The Messiah: Second Advent


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