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34. The Forbidden Fruit

35. The Tree of Life

36. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

37. The Original Sin

38. The Evil Blood Lineage

39. The Motivations of the Human Fall

40. Two Kinds of Forces

41. Satanic Power

42. Relative and Absolute Goodness

43. Four Kinds of Sin

44. Four Characteristics of the Fallen Nature

45. Envy and Jealousy

46. True Freedom

47. Why God did not Intervene in the Fall


Part 1

The Principle of Creation
The Human Fall
Eschatology & Human History
The Messiah: First Advent

Part 2

1  Foundation for Restoration
2  Moses & Jesus
History: Periods & Lengths
4  Israel & Christianity Parallels
Second Advent Preparations
The Messiah: Second Advent


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